10 Dresses Trend For Summer

Having studied fashion design, I always liked being on the lookout for trends. What is exciting, as collaborator, what I have now the chance to share my very serious research of trends through topos.Ye! It is therefore with great pleasure that I have created a small top 10 dresses that me have charmed this season.

The dress with bare shoulders
The trend is really the shoulders bare for this summer. I love the look it gives: feminine, delicate and slightly bohemian. Jessica had done a great post on this… just here!

The dress with Ruffles
The ruffles are everywhere this season! Be it at the level of the shoulders, bust or hem, Ruffles give body to any dress. Olé!

The patchwork dress
The return of the patchwork delight all the 90’s babes in the world. In fact, the trend is patchworkprint, and not the patchwork se. This type of pattern is mostly used on dresses and loose tops. Finally, this dress is so colorful that it makes me want to smile. #Nostalgie

The trapeze dress
Dress trapeze, larger cut in the bottom, is perfect for a lady look like while (comfortable). Often made from a lightweight knit, she is also very maintenance-friendly.

The exotic dress
This summer, the exotic trend is at its peak. I love this print at once delicate and 90’s.

The maxi dress
In 2016, the maxi summer dress has more need of presentations. Become a must in my wardrobe, I love the fluid maxi dresses and sleek – I think they are very classy when combined with beautiful accessories.

The pleated dress
Permanently pleated fabric is increasingly used in the manufacture of the dresses and skirts. I find that this texture allows a look sophisticated in a jiffy!

The midi dress
The midi length is located under the knees. After the rise of the maxi dress, this is the midi dress who is back in force. I like the length of this simple dress-it is really timeless.

The athletic dress 
I was born in the 1990s, I told you? And who says 90’s babe says also fan of the Spice Girls. With this athletic cut dress, it’s easy to take for a sporty spice!

The dress over a t-shirt
This look really remember Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City. Having looked again all seasons lately, this habit she had to wear a dress (or a straitjacket) over a t-shirt left me puzzled. However, after making the turn of several shops where it was style, I can’t deny that this trend is back!