10 Ways to Style Cardigan

Baby, it’s downright cold outside. With that in mind, this week’s edition of 10 ways to style is all about the cardigan, a staple of essential winter. Tie it around your waist to make a sweet bustier top, you are sure to find a new way to switch your cardigan in this playful collection of looks.

Oh, and you can feel free to position yourself … Lovefool by The Cardigans.

  1. East Coast Prepster: This look comes straight from Nantucket on a crisp autumn day. Keeps your shoulders warm and acts as an extra layer when you need them.
  2. Chic Hoodie: Just because you like rocking a hoodie does not mean you have to look like you rolled out of bed Layer a cardigan over a light hooded zip hood and you have a totally chic look.
  3. Be my Valentine: This one made us wish Valentine was even closer! Tuck that cardigan in a belt for a layered look that still shows your fab silhouette.
  4. Cashmere Cardigan: That’s true. We turned our cardigan in a vintage top with a look that reminds us of a sweetheart neckline. Put the jacket inside out and pull it down so that the neck is at the top of your chest.Tie the sleeves around the front and finished.
  5. Buttoned Mini: Now a skirt! This works really well with our cardigan because it has a V-neck that fits right around the waist. Attach handles around your waist and tuck sleeve excess in your newly made belt and you’re set.
  6. Dress Patriotic Party: We think Michelle Obama would approve it rather patriotic look. We just tied up our cardigan over a dress to give it a playful look while keeping things pretty formal for the cocktail hour.
  7. Hipster Librarian: Wait a minute, are not “hippie librarian” a kind of oxymoron at this point? Cardigans, the oxfords, knit hats? Love this look.
  8. Stripes Shrug +: If you wear a long summer dress, turning warm cardigan in a shrug. Just unbutton the vest, pull the sides around the back and pin up.
  9. Skirt It Up: Another skirt! For this one, we went high and nestled any size with a belt. Dig this bomber jacket.
  10. Cowl Cozy: And finally, rock your cardigan like a hood!

And if you’re lucky, you can get one of your colleagues ask charm with you too!

Such a perfect look for Valentine’s Day!

How do you rock a cardigan in an unusual way? Have other hacks clothes that we should know?Or all items you want to see decorated 10 ways? Tell us in the comments below.