14 Trends for Bathrooms in 2016

2015 is ending and brought many trends for the world of architecture and design. But trends are new and ask for new. 2016 will reach to reaffirm some but also to bring your brand to this scenario.

Check out what are the 14 trends for bathrooms in 2016 according to articles and see how to apply in your projects, buildings or home renovation.

 1. Floor Tiles

Tiles are quite characteristic floors and were a popular option in 2016 – and it seems that this trend will not abandon us so soon.

The product is stunning and offers an incredible and unique design to environments. The interior designer Foodanddrinkjournal believes that the floor looks good not only with white walls, which becomes an interesting challenge to create by combining the tiles with darker colors, for example.

In smaller bathrooms, tiles add style without overwhelming the space, while in larger bathrooms the effect is of elegance.

2. Beauty

Open your windows and bring nature to your bathroom. The natural beauty results in a relaxing atmosphere.

Being one of the main challenges for 2016, materials that reproduce nature are extremely suitable for the environment. Examples are natural stones and materials that imitate wood .

3. Indoor Garden

The natural beauty can be completed by inserting green life inside the bathrooms. The idea of ​​internal gardens may seem strange or unusual, but this should go together to the turn of the year.

A vertical garden can be one of the ideal ways to play the trend to be sophisticated, lively and good for the environment, your health and well-being. Learn the essential care to take care of your garden.

4. Master

The master suite is a design that can unite the environment of the room to the bathroom, so that this is not small and uncomfortable to the owner. According to the designers Simona Castagna and Darren Genner, people want larger bathrooms and open attached to the room. So they can dazzle and boast of incredible design that the environment has.

To bring privacy, a good option is the sliding doors, used in the required times.

5. Intelligent Water Control

We are in the era of sustainability and the correct use and no waste water is extremely important in architecture. In 2016, we will say goodbye to the showers and basic taps.

Who holds this place are intelligent and friendly products that bring the user more control over the flow, mixing and water temperature. As an example, the thermostatic mixers, the mixers that control various sources of water and the showers operated by touchscreen.

Another way to invest is using the double shower, so that more than one person can use the bathroom at the same time and each having control of your own shower.

6. Autonomous Bathtubs

Freestanding bathtubs, also called bathtubs freestanding, were much loved in 2016 and it should not end in 2016. The solution has a sculptural and striking design and helps in the mood at the time of rest and also relax. These tubs are incredibly aesthetic and emotional .

When choosing a stand-alone bathtub for your bathroom, consider how your design will shape the look of the space. The curved bathtub brings softness to an angular bathroom or an angular bathtub can offset soft colors.

But if you do not want to give up the advantages of an integrated environmental bathtub (as a space to leave soap, shampoo or conditioner), consider incorporating a semi-embedded standalone bathtub. This solution also promises to be popular next year and also has the advantage of occupying less bathroom space, and may be adopted even in small bathrooms.

7. Customization

Consumers now want products made for them and about them, according to their tastes and needs.An example is the back of the cabinet behind the mirror, but in a different way from the previous, more exclusive and intelligent.

Doors up and move out of the way to bring contemporary and elegant aesthetics and offer even more storage space and increase the illusion of space.

8. Geometric Tiles

A great design solution for those who want to add depth and visual interest to a flat, neutral space, but without the use of bright colors.

The designer McClelland says there are no limits to combinations or random placement of colors, which will bring a lot of life to the bathroom.

9. Largest Bathing Areas

In this case, the larger are actually the best and this fact will be a tendency for space 2016. The bathing possibly due to expand and receive glass panels or even other solids, closing the space for privacy.

Cubicles have their days numbered. The rationale is that larger environments are spaces for rejuvenation and wellness.

10. Sustainability

More recyclable, regenerated and reused materials will be used for bathrooms in 2016. This trend will continue to grow due to the increasing ecological awareness is.

To incorporate the trend, some options are regenerated timber, recycle materials from your existing bathroom and reuse and transform an old cabinet or room.

 11. Bathrooms That Reflect the Rest of the House

Bathrooms should be designed in form of design that look and feel them as the extensions of the living room, rather than a traditional bathroom.

So, the bathroom will be a feature of the house, and not an afterthought, and will have more elaborate and engaging designs. This can be invested in freestanding tubs, unconventional metals and counter tops that mimic furniture.

Another interesting feature is to bring the furniture into the bathroom. In addition to further customize the environment, it gives a feeling of interaction and warmth. Upholstered chairs and an improved decoration, such as curtains, plants and paintings, bring life and comfort to any bathroom.

12. Grayscale

The ash was popular in 2016 and will continue with force in the bathrooms next year. Be the walls, floor or bench, some materials used are porcelain and tecnocimento.

If you think the gray palette leave the environment lifeless and boring, insert touches of white to cut the bad mood and create a sophisticated look or even colorful touches, bringing life and energy to the scene.

13. Surrounding Lighting

The designers foresee the use of intelligent lighting, intuitive and engaging in environment. Great options for 2016 are features and flashy lighting, sensory lights, colored LEDs or indirect lighting. Learn all about this style.

14. Mortar as Design Feature

The mortar is not just an element of raising a house, doing now part of the decor and design. People today see the possibility of using the material creatively in their bathrooms to highlight pattern as the tile or lozenge is inserted, highlight the specific type of tile or tablet and use as a means of contrast with the modern design.

What do you think of these trends? Realizes some more trends that is coming?