17-Year-Old Boy Selling Application for 170 Million. Crowns

Yahoo has purchased the application Summly from the only 17-year-old British boy Nick D’Aloisio and will in the future use the technology for their services.

The 17-year-old British boy Nick D’Aloisio taught himself to program, as a 12 year old and now has sold his application “Summly” for none other than Yahoo for 30 million dollars, which converted will correspond to around 170 million Danish kroner. The write our site.

iPhone-application Summly is an application that can take news stories and shorten them and subsequently make, that they will be shown in a format that fits perfectly to the screen of your mobile phone.

Summly has previously received økonominsk support from Mark Pincus of Zynga and actor Ashton Kutcher. Summly was also named to this year’s application 2012.

-“For me is Yahoo the best company to be a part of right now because it is one of the classic internet companies. Yahoo is now focusing intensely on the mobile-oriented product development and it fits perfect for Summly, “said Nick D’Aloisio.

Application Summly is removed by Yahoo in Apple’s App Store, as they will continue to integrate technology in their various online services, which is aimed at mobile devices.