3 Months of Pregnancy

3 Months of pregnancy … casually, it’s coming. And also this should already meet at the level of your belly that swells slightly. If some of you have not made a kilo (as the result of nausea), it is now that the real work begins. You may feel a little tight in your pants. At work, you’re doing more attention inside “the stomach” for not to disclose a “rounded” profile. You are always tired and a bit anxious at the idea that it shows. At the end of the 3rd month of pregnancy, you will be able to announce it officially. Hang on.

3 Months of pregnancy: I manage how gain weight?

If up to now you stayed stable kilo level, he will now have to be a little more careful. Weight gain is done without realizing it really at the beginning… and then we galley, bad back forces. Forgot the old adage how to “eat for two” and compensation type “I don’t take a glass of wine so I get a dessert”… fatal.

Tip: to respect the recommendations of physicians, that is to say take only between 9 and 12 pounds, it must really be very careful. For my part I put on 14 pounds and frankly, I had to great attention at the end! On smartphone and tablet, there is a large number of applications that can help you to follow this weight gain and better control.

Time to first pregnancy clothing purchases

You begin to dismiss your pants button after the meal, you prefer dresses… 3 months of pregnancy, it’s time to make your first maternity underwear purchases on payhelpcenter.com. If you don’t want to spend too much, there are Kiabi, redoubt,Zalando for brands at low prices.

3 Months of pregnancy: your baby

3 months of pregnancy, the embryo you wear is now called fetus. It’s a cute little baby who now looks like a little baby in miniature (12 cm and 65 grams). The ultrasound, you can even see move his fingers, her mouth that opens and which closes for drinking the amniotic fluid. Your baby developing even his taste: depending on what you eat, the amniotic fluid he will bring different flavors… it’s you who make his menu!

Here’s a video 3D of a baby of 3 months.

3 Months of pregnancy: think of your schedule of appointments

Medical appointments will begin to flow. Ultrasound, taken blood… the next 6 months are going to be dense.You can even hear the heartbeat of your baby during the 3 months of pregnancy ultrasound. Guaranteed success! I had tears in my eyes… and that’s really where I thought there, I thought “Oh, I’ll be a MOM”. And you, when was the trigger?

Following a visit to your doctor, it also gives you a “First prenatal medical review” document which serves asdeclaration of pregnancy and validation to the passage of the first review of health and also serves to open your rights.

  • The pink part is send to the health insurance fund (CPAM) for support of your medical expenses
  • The blue component is to be sent to the Fund (CAF) family allowance for a study of your rights.

It must be sent BEFORE the end of your 3rd month of pregnancy.

In total you will perform 7 medical examinations which you will find the calendar by clicking here.

Good to know: you can also request an leave of absence on working time to your employer to pass medical exams without be stressed.

What are the care taken in charge by the CPAM?

Social security allows you to enjoy social protection with support of your medical care at 100% (within the limits of the convention rates – off excess of fees) for the following treatments:

  • 7 monthly mandatory medical appointments
  • Fees for your delivery
  • Your stay at the maternity costs (hospital or private clinic, 12 days maximum)
  • All the medical expenses and purchases of drugs in connection with your pregnancy, from the 6th month of pregnancy
  • The 8th month Ultrasound (first 2 ultrasounds are reimbursed at 70%)
  • 8 sessions of preparation for childbirth (ask before to make sure that the type of preparation is well supported, without excess fee)
  • Post-natal examination
  • Care for the baby for the first month of life
  • 10 sessions of perineal re-education

End of the 3 months of pregnancy: I announce!

As developments on the 3rd month of pregnancy ! Once the 1st ultrasound last (it is done end of the 3rd month), you can finally tell your employer and your loved ones. Finished small secretive. And quite frankly, it’s amazing! You can talk about “baby”… of what you feel, because you’re going to be MOM). Wow! What a relief to finally share this happiness.

When and how should I announce my pregnancy to my employer?

There is no obligation on the date to which you report your pregnancy to your employer. However, in general, the declaration is done following the 1st review of pregnancy (first prenatal medical examination) that you realize at the end of the 3 months of pregnancy. So you can freely announce your pregnancy to your employer at the end of the 3rd month of pregnancy or early of the 4th month of pregnancy or just BEFORE your departure on maternity leave (careful not to announce it after your departure from maternity leave because it would be a breach of contract).

Quickly announce your pregnancy

To quickly announce your pregnancy to your employer also has a few benefits: This allows you to benefit from your pregnancy-specific facilities such as a workstation, a time of limited night work, protection against dismissal…

How to make the statement?

The statement can be done either by a mail delivered by hand to your head (to sign 2 copies), or by sending a letter with notice of receipt with a medical certificate attesting to your pregnancy. To help you in your efforts, here is a sample letter of declaration of pregnancy.

How to choose her motherhood?

It is important to quickly choose motherhood (maximum5 months of pregnancy ), and especially in Paris.Several criteria are to be taken into account:

  • Distance from your home: choose maternity hospitals near you.
  • Type of delivery: there are several types of delivery, did you know? Choose her gynecologist / her motherhood, is also choosing a delivery method.
  • Level of support: level 1 for a simple delivery (including caesarean section), level 2 for high-risk pregnancies and multiple pregnancies (available for children born prematurely after 33 weeks neonatal unit), level 3 for pregnancies at risk (diabetes, hypertension…) equipped for babies born before 33 weeks.
  • Comfort level: do you want to give birth at the hospital or private clinic? If you give birth in a clinic, there will be an overflow of honorary.