3 Unique Purses Presented at the Milan Fashion Week

We women and our bag we have a bond. It is not simply a container or object style: encompasses our whole world and you need to spend our days full of commitments.Unfortunately there is no Mary Poppins bag, but the perfect bag has to meet the needs of practicality and precise aesthetic. We never sacrifice the trends for the pocket more, or, even less, we would bring a nice bag, but uncomfortable.

During this Fashion Week we at Bigodino.it we attended presentations for the next season of many brands that produce fabulous bags, in short, we lived the dream of all of you. Of these, however, we have selected three parts, presenting an innovation that could if you do not change your life, for sure change purse.

The first is the stock market Orciani named Sveva. It ‘made of soft leather Soft Double and is the most perfect life might exist for women who are always in a hurry: thanks to the opening at the top, under the handle, which allows you to have everything at your fingertips, without opening the bag . Quickly take the phone, a subscription, a packet of tissues, without the risk of dropping everything and miss something, or even worse, someone taking advantage of our gesture to remove something from the inside.

Proof of frenzy and subway. E ‘, then, comes in beautiful colors: fuchsia, green, red, white and also in other materials such as backsnake (carved to look like snake skin) and metallic, in all its brightness.

For those of you who rather technology-dependent, we chose the bag, indeed, the entire collection, The Emotion And Design: a delicate line and glamor, declined in shades of powder pink, lilac, gray and decorated with the leitmotiv of tulip. But the magic is inside: once opened, each bag is light a line of LED lights, to find anything in any lighting condition, and has a USB port with which to recharge their electronic devices, from your smartphone to the car photographic.

The last bag selected sdoganerà any kind of injury on classic handbags and stylish. The historical brand of high leather Bianchi Nardi in 1946 , the new collection inspired by the tropical rain forest, offers little jewels, masterpieces of craftsmanship and high quality materials in shimmering and bright colors, unique.

Among these is a model with something special: a contained mirror on the bottom and a small compartment, perfect for lipstick. We can say goodbye to all the times that we are due to run to the toilet during a reception to adjust the lipstick and make-up to control us. This bag, in addition to being beautiful, it will be the salvation of all our special occasions.