360cam: All-Round Panoramic Camera for Oculus Rift

Computer-generated images for the oculus rift are still far away from what we actually see in the real world. The main problem is mainly the camera technique, which often fails to 360-degree panoramic images. Only Panono can shoot currently such round to pictures, but the camera lacks the Videoaufzeichnugsfunktion in a 360-degree look. Into this breach, the Kickstarter project 360cam by Giroptic encounters.

The 360cam exterior reminiscent of a PEAR, sitting on its top three cameras with fisheye lenses. The individual photos and videos of the three cameras are assembled in the camera to 360-degree images or videos. So, it’s no post processing on a PC or Mac by dire straits.

Save the panoramic pictures and videos on a MicroSD card or can be sent directly via Wi-Fi (802.11 b / g / n) on the Smartphone. Even a gyroscope to the image stabilization, three microphones to the audio recording and a battery into the small enclosure. The camera weighs only 180 grams and is waterproof. To better protect the lenses, there is still a small protective goggles.

8 megapixel images sure don’t count the high resolution, but for it to get just an all-round view. Of course the developers have thought also to integrate a burst, time lapse – and self timer. The 360cam with a resolution of 2048 x 1024 pixels at 25 or 30 frames per second to record videos.

Software Required for Viewing

Although no software for the post-processing of the images is necessary, but for viewing of images already. Giroptic offers to its players for Windows, OS X and iOS and Android. The pictures and videos to let consider themselves but also in software by KRpano and Kolor eyes.

There will be also a dedicated video player for the desktop. In the player, it is then possible to navigate by mouse movement or gestures. As a bonus, the videos of the oculus rift video player can play.

Ethernet Port and Optional Lamp Base

The 360cam you can still extend through accessories. For one, there will be an E27 lampholder, can work to the 360cam as a surveillance camera. Because the adapter powers the camera also, the 360cam can be used also for a longer holiday than a surveillance camera.

The second optional accessories is a base plate which is an Ethernet port. The range of application for connecting the camera via Ethernet would be for example a live video stream. The networking powered the camera with power-over-Ethernet at the same time, so that a longer concert in 360-degree optics can be streamed.

The Kickstarter campaign by Giroptic is already a success: the actually estimated 150,000 US dollar instead of already far over $ 300,000 are collected. Your Giroptic even with a post can support up to July 4. The 360cam is delivered in November 2014 for around $ 300.