4 Cell Chips Eyo F52

The mobile phone supports 4 F52 Eyo chips at the same time, and from different carriers, including Alive. Was created to give more freedom of choice and allow for saving money on the cost of the calls. The advantages of using chips from multiple carriers are obvious.

Cell Phone with 4 F52 Eyo Chips

The four cell chips Eyo F52 has QWERT keyboard, bluetooth, 2-inch LCD screen and allows access to the internet and use MSN. As allows 4 sim cards, he is completely unlocked and Quadriband technology.

Features of Mobile Eyo F52

In terms of multimedia, takes the open channels of analog TV as Globo, SBT, Band … etc. Has voice recorder and two 3 MP camera with digital zoom and camcorder function. Features FM radio, plays MP3 and MP4 and supports up to 4 GB memory card!

4 cell phone chips Eyo F52 is a phone with excellent cost benefit. Can without purchased for less than R$ 129.90. It’s so cheap that the 4 chips that you put on it will cost almost the price of this unit. But it is worth mentioning some important points.

Eyo is just a “shell”. The Eyo F52 device is actually a shanzhai phone generic, who received a makeup with the Eyo brand. That doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a bad model. But it is a model of cell phone that didn’t go through a quality control well, not tests of ANATEL and responsible bodies. It may even be dangerous to have a unit like that, since it is common to cases where the battery of these models begin to leak and until it explodes.

Be very careful with these devices. Perhaps worth saving and buy a cellular model of cheap a brand better known.

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