4 Cell Chips Leaves TV Colors

4 cellular chips are perfect for those who want to do economics. Have 4 chips carriers simultaneously or different plans can make your calls stay well.

One of these mobile phones of 4 chips is the Leaves Colors TV. It allows simultaneous multiple chips 4 different operators have full QWERT keyboard and gravity sensor for rotating the screen automatically. Applications such as alarm clock, calculator and calendars comes factory-installed.

Cell Phone Leaves Tv Colors

In terms of connectivity, the Phone 4 Chips Leaves Colors TV has Bluetooth and internet access via wireless application protocol (WAP).

4 Cell Chips Leaves TV Colors

Has two digital cameras with digital zoom, plays MP3 and MP4, has FM radio and speaker of excellent quality. Allows you to watch analog TV for free.

4 cell phone Chips Leaves Colors TV weighs less than 100 grams and can be found on the market at prices around 130 dollars. It’s a very low price that provides an excellent cost benefit.

The name “Colors” no wonder because the Leaves are sold in black, blue, green, lime green, Orange, purple, red and yellow. Many colors to choose from!

You have a 4 cell Chips Leaves TV Colors? What is your opinion about these phones xing ling? Leave a comment with your questions or comments!