4 Types of Partition Wall Decoration

If the intention is to integrate environments and delimite the spaces without splitting them, you can definitely go with wall partitions  as an alternative, since they add beauty and functionality, and give a touch of style and practicality to the residence. Moreover, these elements bring more privacy for the rooms without compromising the use and organization of space.

To use all these advantages in your home, know the main types of screens available in the market and choose any of them. Check it at the site:

  1. Wooden partition

For more rustic or classic decorations, wooden partitions are an excellent alternative, precisely because it is an elegant, versatile and timeless material. -Piece, or articulated, such as screens, partitions the timber may have details in leather, paintings or different hollow spaces. There is up to you! It is worth noting that this type of partition can also be a sliding door or a screen.

  1. MDF Marker

MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) is a very appropriate material to divide environments. It is a wood fiber panel which provides good stability and good ink absorption capacity and can be easily customized. In format screens or panels, MDF partition finish is even more interesting! With its appearance wildcard aesthetic easily adaptable to any style of space, this may be just the option that was missing to put everything in perfect order at home. It is noteworthy that another positive point of these partitions is related to their power of resistance to abrasion, easy maintenance, and a huge variety of colors are already available on market.

  1. Glass partition

The glass is always beautiful and sophisticated material, ideal for modern decorations. This type of divider is also recommended for small apartments, because the transparency of the glass prevents spaces remain divided and shortened, favoring the sense of space at the same time delimiting environments.

The glass division can be made ​​with luxury doors, or even with conventional glass blocks or ventilated glass blocks ** – the latter alternative, and is sophisticated enough values ​​natural lighting and promotes good ventilation of the space. Speaking of ventilation, to provide greater thermal comfort to residents, a great proposal for partition is hollow element.

  1. Partition plasterboard

One option that is becoming very common in current projects is the plasterboard. This material, also known as drywall, is sustainable, economical, easy handling and low waste. It has a great aesthetic, acoustic and thermal effect.