45 Mid-Season Winter Jackets

Not always easy to know how to dress between seasons. Between winter is not installed yet and was living his last hours, you lose it and it’s our dressing room who toasts. Yet just follow a single golden rule: never go out without a jacket midseason. Here are 45 models to find your happiness.

Nothing worse than the spring and fall to our dressing room. Knowing how to dress when the sky is blue but it’s cold can quickly become a real anxiety.

The mid-season jacket is a good option for the fall, when it is not cold enough to wear a winter coat but not warm enough to go out with a shirt on his back. Neither too hot nor too little, the jacket is the piece essential fashion in mid-season, perfect joker to cope with the vagaries of weather. With a dress, jeans or a long skirt, mid-season jacket is so easy to wear that, if not already, you may quickly adopt it.

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The fall fashion trends winter 2016-2017

This season, he will swear by velvet. Burgundy or green duck, smooth velvet encrusted on the bombers, the suit-type jackets and coats rights. Ultra already present on the autumn winter shoes and dresses of winter, the velvet is completely unavoidable.

Shy spring, the bomber will offer a few hours of overtime to win autumn. Unsurprisingly, it brings to your look a touch of masculine. To wear it, you have two options: either you play at 100% androgynous map with a street style, or you opt for a more feminine style by combining it with one of your robes winter.

In the family of “hey, I come back”, there is the military jacket. Few seasons we had forgotten, then it comes back. Revisited, more modern, the officer jacket will still be in autumn winter fashion trends. And why not. Easy, it can be worn with a white shirt. She can make all the difference.

The parka, light of course. This season, we love the rain jacket that protects us drops midseason while remaining stylish.

Jackets midseason: the classic mode have

There are leather, again and again. Version leather black or iridescent leather, leather jacket is an essential of the dressing. Essential element to a rock silhouette, it is one of the easier parts to wear fashion.

This year is the return of denim. And they’re pretty well because denim jacket settled long ago in our wardrobes. Vintage, clear or plain, with or without fusible patch, it is associated with all your winter dresses.

And then there is the classic: the blazer. Contrary to popular belief, it is not reserved to a strict and classic silhouette. Yes, the blazer is practical when you do not know how to dress for a job interview, but it can also be a strong piece of evening dress.

The winter collections Zara Mango, H & M via Asos or Benetton, are selected for some models to have a little of the latest fashion trends of winter.