5 Must Have Hats

You will have understood by following the Instagram profiles of the most famous fashion influencers in the world, turning to the shops, flipping through fashion magazines or covering pictures of the parades a few months ago: this will be the winter hats!

A true ubiquitous accessory for this end of 2015 that will not leave, literally, the head of us fashion victims for no reason!

Be careful, though, because there is a right hat for every occasion (and every look) and errors are still there! Then follow this our mini-guide to be always on top mixing the right hat to your favorite outfits and buying one that is right for you without the risk of falling into unnecessary purchases!


Beanie or, as we call it in Italian, “headset” is definitely the hottest hat and casual you can wear this winter! It is almost always a wool or cashmere model that usually has a flap on the front. Some models are embellished with pom poms large, medium and small, or, for the more sympathetic hats, with two little ears to Mickey Mouse.

The perfect look for this hat is definitely causal with skinny jeans, hot cardigan, sneakers or boots at the foot and a long coat, large and unstructured.

Select the headset especially for daily look and cared much hair styling that need to be loose, long, slightly wavy and absolutely bright!

Wide-brimmed hat

The seasonal trend wants hats with very wide wing that can be both rigid and soft depending on your personal taste and your needs. The rigid wide-brimmed models are definitely more elegant and are perfect to be worn with trench long, elegant coats, furs and capes, paired with ankle boots with a few cm heels and tight pants.

The soft wide-brimmed models are, however, perfect for casual look and a bit ‘vintage characterized by fancy dresses lightweight ankle-length, midi skirts or dresses in lace light combined with warm coats and boots cuissard.

Wool bands

The wool or knit bands are, however, the accessory trendy and unconventional, perfect for a young girl, for a woman with a very strong personality and a clearly defined style.

It is in fact a more aesthetic range that hot since, because of its small size, only warms your ears and part of the head, but did not have a real anti-cold function.

If you want to opt for this accessory you know, alas, that particularly gives to those who have the facial features almost perfect, while for all other will tend to highlight your nose and mouth imperfect. Finally, another shortcoming of this accessory, actually so cute and practical, is that there will inevitably crush the hair making electrical and unkempt, so be prepared to hold the headband all day without the possibility of removing it!


Trend established in recent years along with the urban style, sporty and pop, the Snapback (sports hats with flat visor and adjustable at the back) are conquering all the girls love the sporty-chic style and hip hop. In recent months, however, the classic and colorful baseball cap went from street style to the more irreverent walkways becoming a cult accessory that has created a new fashion trend able to win over even those who, until a few years ago, would have thought of wearing one of the famous baseball caps New Era (the brand amerciano more famous snapback in the world).

Of course the perfect look for the snapback is absolutely sporty with details coloratisssimi, written maxi, pop or cartoons inspired fantasies. Travel with the imagination and choose the original outfits and whimsical, funny t-shirts and ripped jeans, while the foot put on a pair of ankle-high sneakers.

Felt hat with medium groundwater

Finally, the most classic of all, the felt hat shaved medium water table: a true must-have for all fashion victims, as well as preferred by bloggers Chiara Ferragni. This is certainly the model that has made Borsalino and that can be combined with almost all of your look giving it a unique touch of class. Pair it with your classic day look with jeans, sweater and shirt, but also to be more sophisticated evening look with knee-length dresses, boots and shirt read: the result will be impeccable in both cases!