6 Tips for Buying a Garter

It is definitely an important piece in the Repertoire of sexy lingerie. This vintage-inspired lingerie not only fulfills the function of keeping your stockings in position, but with the magic and sensuality of your design can transport you in time and space and become the most desirable diva with the only gesture to fasten it to your waist.

One important piece deserves attention in your purchase. Here are some points that you should remember when leave to seek your Garter.

When you buy a Garter keep in mind the following

The size – as in the case of the size of the bra or panty in the garter waist also is absolutely fundamental to achieve a look sensual and elegant, but comfortable to wear at the same time. It is vital that you know your waist and this is why we recommend endlessly measured correctly.

In the majority of shops, the Garter sold by the measurement of your waist.

Then, nothing, first set your waist measurement by placing the tape measure around the same tight way but without the tape sinks into your skin. We want to determine the actual waist so that you feel more than comfortable.

The amount of snaps – in lingerie shops you can find Garter with 4, 6, 8, 10 or up to 12 snaps. Surely those who’ve seen more frequently than the 4 snaps (two forward and two behind the legs) but that doesn’t mean that they are the most recommendable.

The first point to make clear is how long you expect to be wearing your garter belt. If it is for a short period (like in the bedroom) with 4 hooks you can be OK, although it is not ideal. If however you plan to spend some hours with your pantyhose hanging from the Garter, you must then seek a greater amount of snaps to ensure that everything stays in place. The more brooches, better. The average much better distributed in the leg and, obviously, you’ll have more security that will stay in place.

The quality of snaps – is another fundamental point to bear in mind when buying a quality Garter. And in this case no matter the amount of time you plan to have placed the Garter. If you want that piece is durable, safe and not shred your precious stockings, then stay away from the plastic clips and only purchase the metal.

The clips made of plastic are strong and much less secure than the brooches made of metals and alloys.

Color – we are talking about the color of absolutely everything. The color of the Garter, the underwear that you plan to use it and clothing that will go on top to go out. For best results and create a sensual and elegant, it is necessary to coordinate and take into account all parts of the Assembly. It is not necessary that they are of the same colour but that they are within the same tones. You don’t want that your dark lingerie transparent under your clear skirt, right?

The model and its details –He is not only a question of taste, but of comfort. As with color, keep in mind the dress you will use on the Garter to avoid that this is note under clothing. For example: the Garter in great detail of lace and flights are not suitable for use under skirts or dresses adjusted since you will definitely notice lines. In this case, it is advisable to choose genres smooth and soft with flat belts where hang clips, without much detail.

If i your problem are the clips, many Garter top quality include small loops and details in satin or silk that are placed on top of the pins and camouflage them under clothes – without talk of the charming left behind when they are visible.

Remember that, just as there are different styles of bras and panties, you can also find a good range of lingerie models. It is important that you try them for your convenience and as they look down your outfit. Note also – as always – the amount of hours you plan to the lingerie worn since that it will depend to a large part the choice of model. For example: the Garter cut high (come to the waist) are ideal to hide the belly (like the high waist panties) but they will not be very comfortable if you plan to use them for a few hours.

How it feels – last but not least. Try it. Tomato time testing different models, cuts and colors. Adjust it. Get socks. Buckle. Walk a little. Move. Pica? Do you notice under clothes? Not fit tights long enough? Try it. There is no other way to determine whether or not it is the ideal piece.

And most importantly, enjoy your purchase.