7 Ways to Not Look Fat in a Swimsuit

Shopping for a bathing suit is not always easy and enjoyable if you are away from the sacred proportions 90/60/90. Here’s how to feel beautiful and attractive nonetheless!

A common mistake when buying a swimsuit is to opt for a smaller size. Do not be distressed if you need a bigger size! Often panties are smaller than the jacket. It happens and dimensions can not meet depending on the manufacturer.

Although swarthy women can wear bright colors, it is advisable to start the summer with neutral colors like mocha or chocolate. Pale skin does look good peach shades of pink and blue floral motifs.

  1. Accentuating the positive sides! Put color where you want attention and obscure tones leave for the area you want to hide. This will attract the attention to her beautiful breasts, for example.
  2. Know good body! Each type figure having its own borders. Some useful innovations: trooper – to maintain a larger bust. The whole swimsuit with naked back cover stomach but reveals sexy curves of your back.
  3. Try a swimsuit on a relatively empty stomach! Avoid walking around the shops when you have eaten stable. So you will have more confidence when I look in the mirror and in the eyes of delighted saleswoman.
  4. Do not hurry! After a few hours wandering the shops and try out dozens of swimwear will certainly block. If so, postpone the purchase day. Analyze seen and the next day try just 4-5 models of the most suitable for your figure. Remember that probably the next body you need a new swimsuit.
  5. Look at the models on the web! Make sure that you can return any model if you do it. So you can order several models and sizes.