8 Steps to Nail Degraded

The degraded trend conquered in summer, but still present in this season, about all the nail designs; If you don’t know how to decorate them, follow these steps and get a professional manicure without leaving home.


  • Base Protectora de nails
  • Nail file
  • Two different color glazes
  • A glitter nail
  • A sponge
  • A plastic sheet
  • Sticks (toothpicks)

  1. File your nails and apply a layer of protective base, this will achieve that color enamel look even and your nails do not wear yellow.
  2. Using the enamel of your preference, it paints all of your nails and let dry perfectly well.
  3. Once dry enamel, on the plastic sheet, place a small amount of the two colors of enamels, trying to join the edges slightly.

4.Wet the sponge and removes excess water, it does this to make sponge to better absorb the colors of enamel.

  1. Using a stick, mix glazes in the part where it binds, the length of the mixture, will determine the size of the graduation of colors when it is on nail.
  2. Applied to the nail and keep rubbing and moving slightly top down and vice-versa, to secure the color and wait to dry.
  3. When the nails are dry, apply one or two coats of gloss to match the surface and design to last for longer.
  4. Clean the area around the nail with a cotton ball dampened with removes enamel, to be more precise can do with a brush to give shape to the nails.Once done your degraded nails are ready.

It is a very original design in which you can combine your imagination and creativity to have nails degrees with different styles and colors.