8-Year-Old Boy Used 29,000 on iPad-Games

A Norwegian father have felt on his own body, to free the game “Clash of Clans” can quickly become an expensive acquaintance.

An 8-year-old Norwegian boy has used 29,000 Norwegian kroner, which also nearly 29,000 Danish kroner, on free-game “Clash of Clans” for iPad. It tells his father, who wished to remain anonymous, to our site.

The father became aware of the bargain when he in his Inbox found a receipt from iTunes. 

The boy thought he had bought “toy money” in the game. But as in the past, with the purchase of in-apps so that we as parents are responsible for what one’s child press and thus sometimes also buy.

It is on the iOS devices, like the iPhone and iPad, you can change settings that you should not be allowed such extras. The feature had however turned to the father, but after that the software had been reinstalled as were all settings set back to the default settings.We therefore believe the father now that Apple is wrong on it. The write our site.

-“Apple should let the blockage be part of the default setting. I think it is cynical, exploiting technology and childcare families on the way, “says the father.