A Dry Ink Cartridge

A very common problem among users that do not usually many prints ink jet printers, is to dry the ink cartridge. This is one of the most common reasons, but there are others that explain why ink cartridges are dried, temperature, the type of ink, the storage, the mishandling of the cartridge, or lack of cleaning, are factors that contribute to the binding of the injectors. Most of these causes can be solved easily.

In a previous post I have indicated the precautions that you must take to allow the cartridge to not dry. It adopts precautions and take out a higher performance to your cartridges.

However, if you have not taken the precautions that you have suggested and you find yourself with a dry ink cartridge, this is what you should do to get back it:

1º.- If the cartridge heads or nozzles are partially dried or clogged, appear white lines in print. You can do a “cartridge cleaning” from the menu of the printer or installation on the computer icon.

If the cartridge still clogged, you can try a recovery with a manual cleaning of the cartridge head. See more on www.printerhall.com.

2º.- When you retire dry printer cartridge, not touch or handle electrical contacts with your fingers and avoids the same contact with materials that may damage them: lint, fibers, etc. The electrical contacts are very sensitive and inexpert handling can leave the cartridge unusable.

3rd.- In a bowl pour hot water, about a finger’s depth. We put a sponge in the jar and captured it well. We take the cartridge and tighten the base of it, where are located the outlet nozzle ink, against several times to gently sponge, so you go by releasing or rolling back the cap of the ink dries.

4º.- Remove the cartridge and dry it in a paper or cloth that do not leave lint or fibers. Going dry with light pressure (as if it were a stamping) not dragging. Perform this action until they received beef crisp colors on the cloth.

5.-when it is dry put it in the printer and do a cleaning from the printer menu.

If you’ve done all these processes properly, the cartridge should print, if it is not in will be happy to help you and advise you to recover any type of consumable.