A History of Lingerie

Have you ever wondered how it looked underwear you wear every day, a hundred years ago? No transparent lacy bra or seductive tango is definitely there. What do our grandmothers wore at that time? And how over the decades changed underwear?

When looking for lingerie that women wore in the early 20th century, you may think of overalls that are just actual hit. A few years later, unattractive underwear with legs up to the knees transformed into a romantic chemise. Like many of us today wears to sleep. Revealing navel was not long in coming. Already in 1935 it was separated underwear. The bra was mostly satin, of course, without pads, and pants very often adorned skirt. Ten years later, it was common to wear under your clothes shaping points.

In the 60s it was normal underwear very similar to what is worn today. According to Itypemba, bras have padding and lace panties had a high waist and often animal or another printing.