A New Collection of Retro Jeans!


Retro Jeans store brand is one of my other favorite, where love shopping. The collection of this brand are namely beautifully colorful, stylish and extremely comfortable, in short, ideal for everyday wear according to nonprofitdictionary.

As you already well know, I have two small children, a pile of work and I live pretty hectic and hurried life. Which largely affects my style of dress. To understand – I prefer mainly comfort for suits, dresses and shoes stilettos I might as well forget it. Once upon a time on a special occasion, why not, but the handling of meetings in and picking up children from kindergarten I prefer the convenience really … 🙂

Which is not to say that my usual “uniform” were baggy sweatpants, jeans and T-shirt. Despite the fact that I want to feel good and comfortable, so you really stand for originality, I love bold colors, patterns, combining materials … In short, I do not want in your clothes to fit in with the crowd, even occasionally appreciate even a slight eccentricity, perhaps in the form of slightly provocative inscription on the shirt 🙂

And exactly that for me also meets Retro Jeans brand, which I love for many years, basically since you appeared on the Czech market. Each collection is beautifully colored, missing a favorite T-shirt, my beloved camouflage pants, overalls comfortable, or dress.

The first pieces from the new collection Spring / Summer 2016 are also available in the shop Retro Jeans Olympia in Brno and I shot for you – come and check out more photos!

I really like the particular pieces of my favorite khaki – for the book “ulítávám” already quite long:) It is great to combine with other colors – pink, white, black, orange … Very versatile tone!

The “retro” buy now, of course, too comfortable for nurseries or full tracksuits, which are already commonplace every collection …

See lots more photos of the new collection of Retro Jeans also in the gallery.

Retro Jeans shop is situated in Brno Olympia, you can also buy through the shop.