Action against Hunger Bike Ride

Beat hunger. The fear of every cyclist. The blood sugar level is so low that you can barely get around the pedals.A nice word for this is hypoglycemia? ??. In the case of cyclist?? the man with the hammer??. But all that is preparing well for the race, and please note these nutritionsoptippar, you do not need to go to this fight.


  • The man with the hammer
  • Knackered
  • Symptoms of hitting the wall
  • Own fault thick bulge
  • Sugars
  • Fast and slow carbohydrate breakdown
  • Good preparation
  • Advice from a professional
  • General Nutrition Tips

The man with the hammer

At fifteen kilometers before the finish did you escape from the peloton and has released two rivals in another cycling team. The peloton is ten minutes behind you, the two rivals to a kilometre. You have unloaded two, because they are sprinters who you like good time Trialist?? and bad sprinter?? will turn at the finish. You run a steady 55 km/h; no one can take away this stage victory. Or so you thought.Because suddenly you have it, if you don’t already know aankomen. Misselijkheid, a sickly feeling in your stomach, you sweat like a horse and acidification causes your legs to pedals barely get around, so you slipped for a lousy 30 km/h; you also know what caused it. Beat hunger. As good amateur Riding criteria, do you realize that?? the man with the hammer?? you are stuck. If you had shot the two sprinters, did you eat an energy bar. But seven kilometers from the finish gives the coach in the ear by getting the two sprinters using two officials threatening?? good time Trialists?? that is now less than thirty seconds from the sprinters take the pair of trailers for you soon knocks on the measure.The platoon has fortunately nothing to fear … the gap is too large. You accelerate, to 60 km/h and maintain that speed at which certain foods. Even if you know that you have long awaited to do, you decide to store this basic rule in the wind.


The group leader screaming in your ear. Exhausted look over your shoulder and see two time riders and sprinters seven hundred meters behind you hitting a neat little mill 50 km/h; the team leader then hold his mouth. He has given you. For anyone felled by tapping on the wall is beyond rescue. The dumbest mistake you can as a cyclist.
Symptoms of hitting the wall

The consequences of low blood sugar during exercise is usually dramatic. The body will burn fat and proteins. Maximum performance is no longer. In fact, becomes a pedals hardly around. An energy drink or a granola bar is not going to help bridge the dip in a very short period of time. The symptoms of hitting the wall, or rather a deficit glycogen, amongst other things:

  • Quiver
  • heavy sweating,
  • asthenia
  • woe, and feeling very tired throughout the body
  • stomach rumbling
  • yawn
  • dizziness
  • headache
  • intense acidification in the legs

Own fault thick bulge

The reason for hitting the wall is a low blood sugar, or glucose. This simple sugar gives the brain, central nervous system and the muscles. When big achievements in endurance sports? Let fat metabolism away?? the body does not get enough time to the stored glycogen in the liver and muscles into glucose.Who drink in this case during the race on time and eat hands down this general weakness. If you want to?? s efforts in hunger feels arrives, you’re already too late. But you’re there as a cyclist is still a long way if you only?? Quick sugar?? eat. To understand how we are hitting the wall before, we need to understand the boosts.

For that, such as fruits, syrups, jams and sweets. In the body with respect to glucose when blood glucose and is formed by the cleavage of di-and polysaccharides.
For that, such as fruit, honey and certain vegetables. Fructose is produced in the intestinal tract by cleavage of sucrose.
Produced in the intestinal tract by cleavage of lactose.
These carbohydrates are composed of two Monosaccharides. The molecules are too big so that they cannot get into the blood through the intestinal wall. Therefore they are cleaved by enzymes into Monosaccharides.
Produced from sugar beet or sugar cane and purified marketed as granulated sugar, brown sugar and icing sugar. Also in jams, syrups and candies.
Found in milk products.
Seen as a commercial product in prepared foods intended for infants, as it less prone to fermenta such as granulated sugar.
These carbohydrates are composed of many simple sugars. Most of them are in the digestive tract by enzymes is divided up into different Monosaccharides.
Available in large quantities in potatoes and cereal. Starch is digested in the gut of maltose and then to glucose.
Found primarily in the muscles and liver. Glycogen is much like the starch is composed of glucose molecules.
Fast and slow carbohydrate breakdown

All carbs are thus breaks down into glucose and through the intestinal wall into the bloodstream. When one hit the wall, or Hypoglycemia is also share the muscle and liver glycogen depleted and must be quick sugar invoked to give tissue cells and blood cells during a competition or strenuous exercise again with fuel. Cereal products are therefore not appropriate, because attendance is taking too long.And the range of simple sugars? ?? is, in fact, not be enough to push a bike race in the right way.When glycogen reserves are depleted, and there is another one for drying comes in, you can the day actually shake and you’ll be happy you get to the finish line in a dunce.
Good preparation

A well-trained cyclist must start with a good accumulated glycogen in the muscles and liver.
Follow before the race or heavy training ride these rules:

  • Take two to three hours before a hearty meal enough to prevent you from getting at the start or during the first hour hunger.
  • Base fare of easily digestible, high-quality carbohydrates. The small intestine is then emptied when you appear at startup. When you prevent stomach cramps as a result of the fight between your muscles and digestive tract for more blood supply.
  • Drink plenty during meals. Drinks with lots of calories and electrolytes, such as fruit juice or sports drinks.

Advice from a professional

Eat for a very long ride in this order:

  • Sandwiches with meat or fat products such as peanut butter or cream cheese.
  • Fruit, biscuits, sandwiches with jam, energy biscuits and other high quality carbohydrates. Read for different types of bike baskets.
  • Simple sugars in the form of jelly sugar or dextrose, glucose, or fruit biscuits.
    This order is recommended by Eddie Borysewicz, the American former leader of the national cycling team.According to him, the energy gradually and evenly delivered to the body.The first food to melt slowly, intended for the final stage of the journey. The second part?? ?? digests faster, and the third straight. Furthermore, the sports drinks from the beginning to keep high blood sugar. They also ensure that the electrolyte balance sheet remains in order. One of them has, among other things, the cramping muscle disorders as a result.

General Nutrition Tips

  • Never experiment during a match with your food. Do so only during the training period.
  • Drink more than you think that your body needs.
  • Avoid hitting the wall. Eat and drink so in time. Concerns in this regard for proper planning.
  • Eat 20 minutes before a steep climb any solid food. During strenuous exercise, you can get an upset stomach, because the food does not melt quickly enough.
  • Sports drinks should be fine. You drink more than involuntarily.