Adidas Leather Leggings

The rock style never goes out of fashion and shows a soul scratchy but elegant.Selena Gomez draws it with denim, studs and leather.

Sculpted hair messy on going, necklaces showy, but not chains. Oversized shirts with prints, tight trousers-not necessarily skin – or mini shorts. Ankle boots with heels and vest all black with inserts in sequins or studs. Are just some of the elements that make a rock chic look, a style not much inflated, but very effective, the result of a mash-up between lucky punk and basic items. A sexy and rebellious mix but does not escape a touch of sophistication.

In seemingly random combinations, the rock chic look instead hides a certain sophistication, so much so that major designers and clothing brands have decided to dedicate this outfit style or even entire lines. In any case, what catches the eye in these put, are the touches of light and color patches. Inserts, data perhaps to special accessories that blend the punk effect and give elegance to a combined set, but well-stocked.

Selena Gomez firma il look rock chic per Adidas

The little diva Disney has grown and has become… designer. Selena Gomez, actress and beloved by teenage singer has designed for the brand Adidas Neo Label a clothing line from rock chic flavor.

Again, the convenience becomes synonymous with style and the result is truly amazing. The young Selena, also passionate about fashion, has gone into in their models even their love for music, for which the dynamism is combined with the originality, for a young lively and rebellious woman.

Selena is also the face of the advertising campaign presentation, which is committed to dress better look set to become an iconographic.

Rock, cheap and chic leggings

Studs, leather-like and transparent. Even H & M has proposed summer 2013 very rock chic.A mix of transgression and elegance characterizes how much they feel at ease outfit made ​​of super slimming leggings, skirts, large mesh and studs and heels. The most striking peculiarity of outfits offered by the brand is the meeting between practicality and stylish touches that never cease to inspire even the line of accessories. Return with even the arrogance sweatshirts-catchphrase on different runways – obviously in light fabric, suitable for a fresh sea breeze or the cool evening of mountain resorts, but nothing to steal a metal damped look with style. Inevitable also the nail, a classic that never goes out of fashion, and play bomber jackets in black and bronze.