Advantages of Basic Mobile Phones

Screen: Tactile Attention To

Choose a phone with a good screen resolution (240 × 320 pixels at least) and good color (262,000 colors). Models equipped with a touch screen are becoming more numerous. Warning, it is very often of average quality (manufacturers reserve the right to screen smartphones sold more expensive). Or a touch screen that reacts badly becomes very annoying to use.


Advantage phones compared to smartphones: they “capture” in general better. The sensitivity to the network is good on all phones we’ve recently tested in the laboratory . Same for the listening quality. Throw nevertheless a look at the SAR (Specific Absorption Rate), which sets the level of the waves emitted by the phone to “hook” the network. The lower it is, the better. A DAS of less than 0.4 W / kg may be considered low.


Unless the phone has features, better battery life. A bright screen is very energy intensive, such as multimedia. So, the new advantage phones compared to used smartphones! The areacodesexplorer regularly sees in communication autonomy up to 10 hours, which is satisfactory.

Photo, Video, Music, Internet

Phones without any multimedia function are now rare. A sensor 2 to 5 megapixels generally allows taking pictures and filming in average however quality (640 × 480 pixels, usually less). Unlike smartphones, they do not offer (or very few) options (flash, auto focus, scene modes, etc.). The telephones in contrast to listen properly to music. But it is still necessary to store it. So check that the phone memory can be expanded with a memory card .

Some models are equipped with a Wi-Fi chip that can connect to the Internet from a hotspot (public places, box, airports …). Navigation is however not the strong point of their phones as screen is less suitable than a smartphone, and less ergonomic browser.

Finally, most phones also incorporate a Bluetooth module for connecting headphones or a wireless headset.

If You Travel

If you intend to use your phone abroad, make sure it will work on different networks. Mobile operators in different countries, and within countries, do not operate the same bands offrequencies . A quad band phone will work in the most countries. But this feature is not systematic: a quarter of recently tested phones are dual band only.

A Phone Call to …

If you are allergic to technology and are looking for a basic phone, know still found in commercially for a price ranging from 20 to 50 €.