Air Conditioned Jackets

Tired of hot shots, this summer to adopt:

The air-conditioned jacket.

An invention innovative and wacky, made in Japan, which function is to limit the consumption of power due to power restrictions, since the disaster of Fukushima.
Jacket marketed at a price of 95 euros, it is equipped with a lithium battery and two internal fans, placed on the sides. These two engines are low energy consuming, with eleven hours and BREW up to twenty litres of air per second between the body and air tight textile.

A wired remote, for commissioning and adjustment of the intensity of the brewed air volume.

Principle of operation
Fans pull air, leads him into an internal circuit, and then pull outwards.

The silly question
Only downside of this crazy invention the japan fashion style, we know that the Japanese have very specific tastes, in terms of dress, so can likely to see this type of parka for men marketed in Europe.

The company expects a forecast of 40 000 jacket air conditioned for this year, and already meeting the difficulties of delivery times, due to high demand.
Paradoxically while we export in Spain and Martinique, the Japanese motorcycle leather jackets ‘them’ Sant’Angelo is air-conditioned jacket?