Alcatel’s Note-the Challenger tested

It’s not hard to see where Alcatel inspiration to his Scribe HD with attached pen. However, implementation is far from perfect.

It is of course easy to do the comparison with Samsung’s counterpart when one starts to examine the Alcatel One Touch Scribe HD in detail. We get with a protective cover to the screen and in the cover sits a pen attached with a normal hook that ink pens usually have. It is thus more or less solved the flickering on the edge. Because it is on the screen protector to fix pen and because the pen is central to the use of the phone do I react well to the charging plug sitting so to speak behind the protection which makes it necessary to remove it every time to load. It feels nothing like a well thought out solution.

Furthermore the Mount for the protection of a large, clunky piece of metal on the back, so it is completely thought out. Metal piece attaches so clearly with the help of a magnet on the back of the phone, but the fit is far from ideal and slipping around precariously. It is not a smart cover in the sense that it turns the screen lock when you fold it up, but when you fold up the cover so that the screen becomes visible you still need to press start screen to be able to unlock the screen lock and enter in your phone to do what you actually wanted to do. Then there is the pen’s position problematic. It is thus the clamped on themselves the “hinge” and there are many times I discover that the pen is gone to discover that it slipped off and, at best, remain in the Pocket. Because the pen is hanging freely, it is easy to come off when the phone is in a pocket or bag.

It’s probably a little unfair that I made this call Samsung’s Note-notes series mobiles. There certainly are where text interpretation and one can take notes, but in the Samsung case, the phone and the plates more than just notes surfaces and their pen has, of course, for example, features that are not only related to writing. You can get a preview of it to push on by moving the pen across the surface and it can be in a number of ways to control their phone or flat by the pen but write with it. Alcatel thinks differently. The pen itself is made of metal and has a very soft, thick gummiudd that do not give very accurate precision, but something that Alcatel has really succeeded in doing is software that hangs with the phone.

Above all, there is an application that allows you to write mathematical computations and then let the phone to interpret and give you the answers. This works surprisingly well. I can do the equations, figuring fractions, make simple additions and phone interpreters correct my writing when I enter numbers and characters, but, above all, counting out the issues I present to it. There is also a taking app that asks your, but where you notice quickly that the screen is the smallest team in order to be able to use it fully. It’s hard to write as little as required in order to get something of value before the screen surface simply ends.

The phone is presented as something it cannot live up to, so we ignore expectations and try to look a little open-ended on it instead. As “regular” mobile phone seems to have better chances, if you simply choose to remove pen and screen protector and leave them at home. Building quality, we have already touched on a little bit and it impresses. The impression, however, is better if you take away the pen and screen protector. The back is in a rubbery material, and the screen is with a plastic bar around the entire edge. The performance, however, there is nothing wrong with and Alcatel have already with the lurking we tested previously made themselves known to from the start fill the phone with useful apps so that you can have use of the phone as soon as it comes out of the box. Apps, you can of course easily download on your own, but a selection on site from the start simplifying for those above. Shazam, Skype, Facebook, Linkedin and Kingsoft Office belong to apps that are already in place and in addition to them there are unique apps that Alcatel’s private cloud backup, Web radio and apps that take advantage of the pen function.

Photo mode is simple with a clear menu and the images are fine with fine color reproduction. The verdict comes at least in daylight. Are you indoors with a little worse lighting, however, the result is significantly worse. The Flash, or rather the photo light as it is, is good. It lights up strongly and provides even illumination over the subject. However, if you want to shoot in available light, the phone is more difficult than most to see something and images are both very dark and noisy. In summary, it is clear that Alcatel fail attempt to integrate the pen in the daily use of your mobile phone. Overall, it’s a far too inflexible solution to present, something that I think has been pretty clear in this test. Looking beyond it and concentrate on the phone itself, it is a mediocrity in the middle and then a low price in any case make it an acceptable choice in competition. No more.

On the other hand

David Boda: Just as Erik writes is the pouch and pen solution almost disastrously ill-conceived. Alcatel is good at making fuktionsduktiga mobiles but it’s hard to find anything special about them. In this case, the pen and pouch but unfortunately it is not sticking out as it probably was meant from the manufacturer’s page.

Questions and answers

What brings the pen? The pen itself has no impressive finish and precision is not on. The offer is simply not as much better accuracy than your finger and adds no additional features, except that the pen is very much easier to lose than your finger is.

Do you see this as a so called phablet? No, any combination of phone and tablet, it is hardly. The screen is “only” five inches and it feels too small to pen to come into its own.

How are materials and design? Not particularly lavish at all. Stylus and screen protectors have poor function/fit and the phone itself is not impressive. Alternative Samsung’s latest counterpart Note 3 is better than Alcatel One Touch Scribe HD on virtually all counts, but it also costs considerably more.

Camera example

Color reproduction is good in daylight but very bad when it is a bit darker and photo light is not used.