Alessi Record Watch Strap

After the previous week’s article on supersobra watches were raised the issue of the wristwatch to a somewhat more humane price tag. And for those of you who would rather spend money on a pair of shoes or a jacket than a watch that produced by high-tech Swiss precision; Why not go on a true design classic?

The concept of design watches associated perhaps with clocks that are designed to give as much space to the company’s logo. But there are actually examples of smart and discreet design even among this category of watches. As Italian Alessis cooperation with Japanese Seiko.

AL6000, more commonly known as Records after their LP-like form, is perhaps the best-known model series in cooperation which was launched in 1988 and was recaptured in production in 2002 after a few years break.Behind the design, the Italian designer Achille Castiglioni who, like many of his compatriots during much of the 20th century were in the forefront to offer stylish and high-quality design at an affordable price.

Alessi AL6003 with braided bracelet. Stylish contrast to an otherwise dressed up style.

Technically, the clock relatively standard with automatic quartz watch. Desigmässigt excels, however, watch by their relatively large and very clear dial. Note case narrow outer edge, and the short distance to the Viewer.The rear is fitted with two sturdy hooks to easily replace the bracelet. For the design of the dial is the schewiziska graphic designer Max Huber who was a close friend of Achille. The typeface is soft and playful in the black and white color scheme. All in all, a subtle and at the same time funny watch for anyone who might give priority to form over technology. Or who do not want to run the whole way of combining businesskostymen with a plastic Swatchklocka.