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All Woman Project, The Triumph of Real Women

All Woman Project is a project of Charli Howard -a model who said she was too fat to be able to parade-, and Clementine Desseaux, a blogger who is also also model.

And despite all the requests made to brands, advertising agencies and magazines use a greater representation models that better reflect the morphology of the Streetwalkers in the Visual, spots or billboards these requests have not been taken into account have decided to take on the issue.

Charli and Clementine decided to assemble an entire sample, most diversified possible, models, and have made them pose all together giving rise to a series of photos.

Photographed by Heather Hazzan y Lily Cummings (other two former models converted into photographers), All Woman Project has brought to such familiar faces as Iskra Lawrence, Denise Bidot and Barbie Ferreira, and also to the activist Shivani Persad or rap singer Victoria Brito.

The purpose of this campaign is very clear: Help to all the women, regardless of his figures, sizes, ages and races to feel better represented in the media. Something that does not usually occur when we through a fashion magazine.

This project has been conducted to demonstrate to brands that they can do a test greater diversity When choosing the models that its their advertising campaigns.

While society lead us to believe that our shortcomings are shameful, this campaign hopes to prove that There is nothing ugly in a body, and relies on women to begin to a little more love yours, because everyone deserves to be represented on fashion issues.

This project encourages all who wish to join the movement to hang your photos with the hashtag #iamallwoman @allwomanprojet. And as always it has been said that there is that lead by example Charli Howard has decided to hang a photo of yours where is seen from the back.

Beside the photo has written: “the cellulite. Practically every woman has it, and however, no one wants to talk about it. So, here is my butt. I used to hate him, and felt very embarrassed because of cellulite because she was convinced that it was the only female model with cellulite. What wrong was! To shoot video #allwomanproject I realized that the majority of women have cellulite, since the thinner to the more fat. It is just a part of being a woman. Cellulite is nothing to be ashamed, so that Learn to accept it”@charlihoward for the #allwomanproject #iamallwoman

Something magical happens when women love each other and are mutually supportive. In just 11 days the video showing images of All Woman Poroject has come to 100 k reproductions, something that encourages Charli and Clementine has continue making videos and publishers to make more women feel represented.

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