Amazon fire 7 in the Test

The Amazon fire Tablet 7 inch is the cheapest way to consume Amazon media in the functional in-house environment. We have tested the fire 7.

The fire clearly represents the entry-level model under the Amazon tablets with a price of less than 60 euros (in the version with “Special offers” in the lock screen).

First, the new 7-incher – no number or name such as “HD” in the title – both the model from the previous year and the two new HD tablets (fire HD 8 and fire HD 10) has left: could shine the fire HD 7 with stereo sound, only a mono speaker is granted the new fire, also lacks the Dolby support the audio system.

The 1024 x 600 pixels of the fire range for videos only for SD quality. It is on the little IPS display that is manually on approximately 321 high regulate cd / m ² can be relatively good to look at and has also the advantage of smaller file sizes when stream or saving movies.

The same OS, other optics

To locate A GPS available; only is on the fire as the larger Amazon tablets However, the complete card application and more are missing on the 7-inch device: Although all three fire models with same OS version running, she has a different face on the 7-incher. Due to the size, among others the German umlauts in the visible keyboard missing layout.

In a discipline the smallest fire cuts off but better than its larger counterparts of fire HD 8 and HD 10: because the four cores of cortex A7 in Mediateks MT8127 although weaker, but also resource-saving work as the A15 nuclei in the MT8135 processor that is installed in the larger models, the fire Nevertheless, achieved the longest run time of 6:45 hours with the smallest 3000 mAh battery.

Price breaker

A cheap tablet, that is not a cheap Tablet – the fire, Amazon makes a clear statement: the device intended to provide good basics at the lowest possible price for the user experience. That wins the small fire with flexible viewing angle of an IPS LCD, while the highest resolution seems dispensable.

On the coating against streaking saves Amazon in the fire, but not on the stability, the Amazon as the major in its own tests with the 1.8 an iPad air 2 will have evaluated. The connect test confirms the solid impression mat plastic body of the fire is also less sensitive to skin fat.

The Amazon fire 7 on the 2.4 gigahertz range is confined in the Wi-FI. The storage capacity can be expanded like the HD tablets to 128 gigabytes. Internally installed memory not only low fails with 8 GB, but is mainly fixed: for the predatory pricing of 60 or 75 euros excluding Amazon offers in the lock screen you don’t even have the choice at the fire in terms of memory and color. For additional 24 euro by colored shells, which have a State function for the portrait and landscape like in the previous, you are given the colorful painting.