Amazon Fire TV 2015: USB Only for Accessories

The new Fire Amazon TV has convinced everyone. At the same price as the previous, offers a much more modern SoC MediaTek , gaming graphics, multimedia power to 4 k h. 265, a controller and a HDMI HDCP 2.0 2.2 components that matters (24/25/30 2160p to video output/50/60 fps), microSD up to 128 GB and WiFi ac Dual Band. Upgrade to Fire OS 5.0″Bellini”, then the new Android based system 5.1 Lollipop, should do the rest.

But there is an advantage. Apparently USB 2.0 Type A port installed on the back will only serve for the connection of accessories, not for storage. In short, you will not be able to use it to connect an external drive from which to read the content. It’s a step back from the Fire TV last year.

This detail was missed yesterday’s announcements. In fact, only in the full technical specification published in the section dedicated to the developers of the Amazon website. That’s where the USB 2.0 is considered a “Accessories only” and not a “Accessories and storage” as the microUSB to USB TV Stick Fire and as the previous model.

According to the guys from, Amazon would still optimised using the microSD for use as external storage. Insert a card into the reader (max 128 GB) would create a dedicated directory/sdcard and, therefore, would solve the problem of moving data and apps on microSD. If confirmed, it would be good news.