Analyst: Apple’s iPhone Has Topped

Apple’s iPhone has reached the top and to be worked for, that competitors are not to catch up with them. It considers an analyst.

Apple’s iPhone is one of the most popular phones, but an analyst also believes that it has reached the top.Such sounds from analyst Peter Misek.

Peter Misik believes also that it generally will begin to go down on the smartphone market, which will also be seen when Apple future of pricing the upcoming versions of the iPhone. He believes that the market begins to become saturated, as well as the various high-end smartphones are very similar. It writes our site.

Peter Misik also believes that Apple’s usually good image is beginning to show signs of age and Samsung have also received the same rating of customer satisfaction as Apple. Therefore, he also believes that the next iPhone should be less expensive, if it is to be the salgshit Apple hopes.

-“Consumers ‘ budgets in the developing countries, where the smartphone growth will take place, is far less than in developed countries. And there is fierce competition from low-end rivals like Huawei, ZTE, in particular India and Xiaomi Coolpad and China, “he writes.

He also believes that the fall in 2013, and will probably rise again in 2014, but unlikely to reach the same heights as the case has been in 2012.