Analyst: Microsoft’s Way with Google Glass Competitor

Analyst believe themselves sure Microsoft during the 2014 will present a competitor to Google Glass.

We know about Google’s plans for Google Glass and we have heard rumors about Apple’s projects with iRing and iWatch, but now Microsoft may also on their way into the market for “wearable electronic”.

Analyst Brian White has issued a note to investors Thursday, in which he describes that Microsoft probably is on the way with a Google competitor, Glass writes our site.

Brian White is based its assumptions on conversations with subcontractors in the industry in Asia.

If White’s assumptions hold true, will be Microsoft’s product a direct competitor to Google Project Glass, which, despite it is still in the development phase, has been very publicly.

We have previously heard rumours that Google Glass could come onto the market as early as 2013, while White expects that Microsoft’s product can only be ready in 2014.