Analysts: Still Problems with the Flagship Chip

The upcoming Snap dragon 810 SoC looks good on paper, but there can still be problems with production.

Analysts at the large company JP Morgan still believe that there are problems with the upcoming Snap dragon 810-chips, which are slated to control the fun in many upcoming Android flagship.

Although the manufacturer Qualcomm has been out and deny the rumours that there are problems with the new SoC’er, then keep the analysts fixed. Their research tells them that there are still problems with overheating, when the processor when more than 1.2-1.4 GHz.

The overheating leads to that the chip itself decreases the performance so as not to burn together, and therefore performs it at least at times worse than the Snapdragon chip from Qualcomm-805.

At j.p. Morgan expects that these problems may delay plans for the Snap dragon 810 chip with about 3 months. A month to redesign the chip and eliminate the errors, and then 2 months to put production on.
It would mean that the chip will not be ready for the masses in the month of may, which is later than most Android-flag ships are expected in the deal.

It can force the names such as Samsung, HTC and Sony to find alternatives. For example, Samsung and Huawei produces its own processors for some markets, and also NVIDIA showed at CES that they are ready with a new chip that should be a flagship worthy.

In addition to Snapdragon 810, so analysts also believe that Snapdragon 615 has similar problems. This chip is expected to find its way into a number of smartphones in middle-segment.