Ancestor Is a Beautiful Puzzle Game for Android and iOS

If you are looking for a title for your Terminal Android or iOS, which combines an eye-catching graphics, great longevity and that requires a bit of strategy, you can end your search by giving you a chance to Ancestor, a title available for Android and iOS.

The mechanics behind Ancestor are a mix between those typical of a puzzle game and an endless runner, since the goal of each game is to collect coins and take as much distance as possible, eliminating obstacles thanks to gremlin able to fire a laser beam. Despite the script seems to many other titles, Ancestor presents obstacles and enemies that require performing certain actions in order to be eliminated, as for example the same symbols in a column or hit a target at specific points.

Our intuition and analytical skills will be put to the test by the fact that we should see the correct pattern to address any threat within a short period of time, on pain of death of the character he will force us to start running again.

Particularly interesting the graphics that although is purposely pixellated, is full of special effects and animations silky smooth that, combined with the desolate atmosphere/decadent, contribute to enhance the personality of the title. The game is available for free although there are ads and purchases in the app.

Every purchase in the app costs 99 cents and buy new costumes for our protagonist, although these can also be purchased with coins collected in every game, but using an in app purchase will permanently delete the presence of ads. If the title will win you over this is a spending overall acceptable.

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