Android Market Does Not Update Applications

This week an error started to occur on my Android phone. Despite being listed multiple applications in the list of available updates, every time I tried to update occurred “download failed”. What could be happening?

Error Updating Android Applications

Play Store is the program used on Android to download applications to your phone. Are countless programs, free and paid, receiving updates constantly. Do not update the programs on your Android is bad security failures may occur, or even problems related to the functioning and battery consumption.

But how to solve the “download Failed” application Store Play? The solution is actually quite simple if you follow the steps detailed below.

Step by Step to Update Android Applications



Manage applications

Select ALL in the top tab

In the list of programs displayed, find the Play Store/Google Services and touch it

Select ‘ clear cache now “and then” clear data ”

Ready! I did this and the Play Store returned to download and update the programs normally. My unit is a Motorola Milestone (A853) using the Android 2.2, version ShadowmodBR.

There are other possible errors in Android applications. Knowing the error code your update or when you are downloading a new program to your device, you can direct better the fix of the problem. Generally, clean up data/cache solves 90%, or free up some space in the internal memory of your device.

The steps above resolved your problem? Leave a comment!

Editor’s Note: originally, this article made reference to the Android Market, the first Android app store. Changed all references to the current Android app store, Play Store.