Animated Wallpaper and Daydream Inspired by Countdown

The Google I/O 2016 is now less than a month away, and the excitement of fans about the surprises that Mountain View has in store for its users is starting to rise. While waiting for the fateful 18 may can’t help but play with nice animations of the countdown on the official website; consolation too skinny? Independent developer Michael Beaton has created a set that includes animated wallpaper (visit A2zwallstickers for different types of wallpaper), widgets and Daydream that takes style and colors-with many additional customization options.

The concept is the same for all three elements: a clock with the font of the counter and the same graphic style. However, the widgets are missing animations, as a matter of energy saving and reliability of performance (widgets, on Android, are not meant to be, says the developer himself). Is physiological, but it is a pity; You can still meet with the live wallpaper, strategically placing the watch and choosing a custom image to use as a background instead of the white solid default (unfortunately you can’t add backgrounds from icon pack, nor the animated ones or integrated into the system).

The animation works more or less like this: color segments are present on the figures; in the minutes and hours these slow down gradually to a stop leaving the grey. Just press the digits individually to restart the animation (the latter are always colorful).

Among the customization options, you can specify colors, orientation, font size, activate the contour lines (and specify the thickness), select the app you want to open in the event of tap (widgets) or double tap (live wallpaper) and much more. A cute idea for fans more convinced;Here is the link for download (free).