Anti Cellulite Micromassage Slimming Leggings

You may know the short version of slimming leggings, super nice to wear it is very discreet even in tight clothes hypermarkets.


The short slimming legging has three actions:

  1. It is aslimming cellulite, it means that the orange skin will be smoothed
  2. It isanti-water retention, your legs will seem lighter and they become more toned.
  3. It is asheathing legging, as soon as you put on the belly is perfectly flat and legs are immediately firmer.

So we just put on his favorite jeans and little bit out to the beautiful.

The effects of slimming legging short

Refine its silhouette and reduce the appearance of cellulite throughout the day and without effort, it is possible with the short slimming leggings . The various oratory partnered to provide you cosmétotextile quality clothes for a slimming leggings without you even noticing.

For an integral action, the short slimming legging offers triple capacity, slimming action thanks to the caffeine contained in the clothing itself, anti-orange skin with a streaming to fight against all day, and of course sheathing for the delight of your thighs and your belly ladies.

You will wear the day under clothing and its effectiveness is guaranteed up to 30 washes.