App to Measure the Consumption of the Internet 3 G or Wi-Fi

The use of 3 g internet on mobile brings incredible advantages but can also come with a high Bill at the end of the month. There are already several unlimited 3 g data plans without franchise in that you can use as much as you want and you won’t pay more than the combined. Other plans are unlimited but have a franchise, and the data connection speed is reduced to party when the deductible is reached.

App to Measure the Consumption of the Internet 3 G or Wi-Fi

If your plan is unlimited ( you have no obligation to control how many MB or GBytes is using every month, but you might want to know to get an idea of internet consumption of each application.

If your plan is not totally unlimited (for 3 g internet without franchise is very expensive yet) then I’d keep an eye on consumption of franchise, especially in plans that charge per KB that exceed the deductible. In these cases it’s best to leave the 3 g for use only when it is really essential.

There are several app to measure the consumption of 3 g internet but many have side effects like letting the phone slow or even spend their internet to download advertisements that show. A simple application that does what it promises is the NetCounter. No frills or unnecessary settings.

The NetCounter measures the consumption daily, weekly, total, in the last 7 days, monthly and several others, both the 3 g internet when Wi-Fi! It shows the number of KB that your phone has sent or received, in addition to allow you to set alarms for each of these periods.

The NetCounter can tell you, for example, when you are close to reaching the limit of its franchise, for you stay tuned and avoid overfilling.

Visit the Android Market and download the 3 g usage meter, the NetCounter. Then leave a comment telling me what you think of the application.