Apple Closes Online Store in Russia

The economy in Russia is unstable at the moment and that is why Apple pulls itself out of the market so far.

Apple sells, like so many other companies, its products in many places around the world, and there must therefore be converted into a lot of different currencies. It also means that Apple must be careful when the currency of a particular country varies, as it does in Russia.

Because of rublens fluctuations in the moment Apple has chosen to close its online store in Russia until further notice while they assess price phrases, which Apple says to Bloomberg.

The Russian currency has lost up to 19 percent value today, and it has therefore been enough that Apple has pulled the plug until they have more foot on the situation.

They are, however, Council for the Russians, who want to buy an iPhone or iPad. Telecom operators and retail stores that have the phone in stock, can still sell Apple products.

The Russian market is obviously one of the larger in the world, and therefore it has also affected other areas of the world economy.