Apple Expands iOS-Tests

In order to ensure future updates of iOS against error, Apple will expand its testing of the new versions of the operating system.

So far it has been reserved for Apple’s own developers and some employees at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California, to test the new iOS updates. This will, however, not be in the future, since the selected employees in Apple’s stores in the United States and will be included on the Council.

The extension of these tests of the updates come after a series of errors in the updates for iOS, which started with iOS 8. In the United States paralysed iOS 8.0.1 some iPhone 6-telecommunications are the ability to call up, and several other errors have stapled themselves by Apple’s updates to iOS on it recently.

Apple already uses this method on its computers, where some employees in Apple’s stores have access to future updates of OS X, before being sent out to all. On the way get more feedback before Apple software reaches out to all users.

There is not a set date of when this will come into force, but it can happen already with iOS 8.2, which will be published at the same time with Apple Watch.