Apple Has Loophole to Free Apps

In the EU, Apple has introduced the 14 day return policy on apps, and it’s good for consumers-maybe even a little too well.

The European Union and Apple has at times a somewhat strained relationship, and it’s probably not better after Apple has introduced 14 days return on apps to follow EU consumer rights. They provide for the possibility to get apps that usually cost money for free.

The case is the fact that within the 14 days you can get your money back without having to provide a reason, which must be approved by Apple. When you’ve got the money back, so the app still works, and that’s why we really got a app for free.

The app disappears from the list, which gives you access to your apps, when you get a new iOS device, but not from the unit itself, and the app will still work as before.

Apple will probably find a solution to this loophole, but until then, there is actually no apps in the App Store, which costs something.

If we then have the conscience to take advantage of this loophole, and in this way does not send money to the developers behind these apps is up for a while.