Apple Watch vs Pebble Time Steel 2016

Apple Watch vs Pebble Time Steel 2016

Face to face Apple Watch designs and Pebble Time, who is your winner?

Recently Pebble unveiled the second generation of its smartwatch, the named Pebble Time and although it will not be available until next May, the company has passed in less than two days, the $ 10 million fundraising on Kickstarter, becoming and in the most popular wearable never funded on the platform. But what is new in this Pebble Time and why it might be rival for the Apple Watch?

First, the device features a new design that forgets straight lines to adopt a more curved and smoothed form. Its prominent frameworks are still present and even increase slightly in size, but certainly the main attraction is its new screen e-ink color.Of course, no touch screen, Pebble Time retains the 4 physical buttons that characterize albeit with a smaller size.

Now, the brilliant graphic designer Martin Hajek has decided to face the new Pebble Time against Apple Watch, the smart watch apple could appear early next April. Of course, the only aspect that we can come to appreciate in this comparison is the design of both terminals, so full comparative to leave when we know all the details of Apple Watch.

As we can see, the shape of the box both clocks is very similar: rectangular with slightly curved edges to give a sense of continuity. However, we could say that is the only aspect they share in common, because while the surface of the Apple Watch is fully-flexible glass in its extremes, the Pebble Time feature a prominent plastic frame and an inner bezel occupying much of the surface.

Apple Watch and Pebble Time, two very different ways of understanding what a smart watch

Although not yet have the final dimensions of either smartwatch, it appears that the thickness of both would be very similar . As for the physical buttons on the Apple Watch found two, the Digital Crown and button in tablet form, both located on the right side. However, the Pebble Time incorporates 3 buttons on the right side and another on the left.

Recall that the Apple Watch will be available on website Central LED Watch in a large number of models to be divided into case material, color, size and type of belt, while the Pebble Time will have a unique size with a choice between three different colors. We do not know if your straps are interchangeable.