Apple Won a New Round in the Eternal Battle Against Samsung

If there is constant within the world of evolving technology, with manufacturers that cyclically alternate in the leading role, companies that are born and die, this is the eternal battle between Apple and Samsung, resulting in 2011 due to too many similarities between Galaxy S and iPhone 3 g, both aesthetically and in terms the Touch Wiz interface.

Over the years we have seen continuous upheavals, with Apple and Samsung that constantly vie for the position of “winner” inside of a cause that seems to be without end. Remember that the most important turning point came at the end of 2015, with the consent of Samsung to provide a refund of 550 million dollars against Apple, although the South Korean manufacturer has not failed to submit a complaint to the Supreme Court of the United States.

The consequences of this (temporary?) Apple’s victory had repercussions as far as a new wave of ban meant to cut off the American market a range of devices classified as Galaxy range. In fact this is what should have happened in the case that the verdict was arrived at least 3 years ago, since Smartphones from now banned are Galaxy S2, Galaxy S, Galaxy tab,Galaxy tab 2 and other unique variations of this market like Galaxy S2 Skyrocket and Stratosphere. Obviously this is discontinued or terminals on the market, so the effectiveness of this measure is extremely limited to only symbolic role in the recognition of the infringement of the patents sued by Apple.

Despite this lawsuit may seem little more than a soap opera, it plays a very important role within the debate that for years has seen the spotlight on controversial patent system currently in force in the United States. Samsung, along with many other manufacturers, pushing strongly for this to be reformed to respond more effectively to the current reality in the world of technology.

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