Apple Working on Rethinking the MacBook Air

The popular laptops from Apple’s MacBook Air series can get a new look in the future, which is significantly less.

Many running around with a MacBook Air in the bag, and it will probably also be for the future-that they can just see something different and be considerably less. Apple can actually be on the road with a MacBook Air models with virtually no entries for Jack.

Apple-site our site have heard from sources inside Apple, which has used a new MacBook Air prototype, and there seems to be a number of changes on the way. Among other things it sounds that it is only a USB Type C connector and then a jack plug, which will be available on the new model.

The screen will measure 12 “, but the laptop will fill roughly the same as the current model in 11”. It happens among other things by making the borders around the screen and the buttons on the keyboard less and let the keyboard well almost all the way to the edge of the computer.

In order to make the new MacBook Air as thin and light as possible Apple will remove the physical reaction that comes when you press the touchpad in the current models. It is, together with the lack of ports, among other things, the reason that the new model is significantly thinner than the current.

Apple has also redesigned the speakers, which also will serve as ventilation grates, so the laptop can get rid of the heat.

In fact, Apple has managed to make the upcoming MacBook Air so thin that Apple’s employees have called the MacBook for Stealth.

There are no pictures of the new computer, but from 9to5mac .com’s information has one of their concept artists generated the following illustrations of how laptop may look like.