Application for Emergency

Emergency crews have regularly problems with, to get the exact address to their call outs-new app helps.

Stand one in case of an emergency and you do not know the exact address can have important significance for the help to arrive in time. A new free application can help you. It writes our site.

Emergency crews have often problems that have sent emergency vehicles ferm to the correct address, it may be because the reviewer does not know the exact address, or can’t remember the pga. the stressful situation. Why was there a year ago decided that there had to be set aside money for the development of a 112-application which can ensure help gets faster.

The new 112-application has been developed in cooperation between the national police, the Copenhagen Fire Department, spatial data agency and Intergraph – and funded by the Safe Fund.

With the new application it also becomes easier to find injured in the woods or parks or other places where the exact address is not known.

Today going on around 90 percent of the calls to 112 from mobile phones.

It is important to remember the new 112-application is not a substitute for normal calls to the emergency services, but a complement. You can read more about the application here.

The application is called “112 App” and can be downloaded for free in Apple’s App Store, Google Play Great and Windows Phone Large.