Assens: Board of Directors in Sports Club Goes by the Pga. Telecommunications Mast

The establishment of a telecommunications mast means the Board of Directors of a sports association resigns-fear of radiation danger.

A telecommunications mast in Assens has gotten Board of Verninge Sports Association to resign at an extraordinary general meeting on 29 March. may – as Assens municipality will run a telecommunications mast close to the Club’s facilities. It writes our site.

Ramanichandran, President of Verninge I.F., do not want to assume responsibility for a possible radiation hazards from cell mast. Three of the members of the Board have the same position, while the remaining are protesting over the municipality’s decision – but accepts it.

All Board members shall enter, however, out of the Board, as the President’s departure changes the whole basis for the agreements reached on the future work of the Board.

Assens municipality has also had under consideration, to place telecommunications mast at the local school, however, this was deselected as the head teacher also feared radiation danger.