ASUS Fonepad Asus Vs Nexus 7: the Verdict of AnTuTu

We have already talked about the similarities and differences between the new Fonepad and the now famous Nexus 7 in our preview, but how much will differ the two models in daily use? It is obviously too soon to tell and to rely on Sun impressions from a model exposed in the fair, then let that be AnTuTu benchmark to speak instead of us telling you how Intel Atom Z2420 SoC aboard the Fonepad it reports to the Tegra 3 manning the Nexus 7. As you may have guessed from the above image, the verdict is merciless with the SoC Nvidia that gets a score more than twice that of Intel.

Actually the model we tried didn’t seem like a real champion of fluidity, but it is also important to note that these tablets from exposure not necessarily are optimized as those who will come in the hands of the users, so we reserve a final decision only within the review.

Another particular kind of weird though is the resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels: Asus tablet speaks of, which is the same of the Nexus 7, but as you can see from the screenshots size does not match, and the Fonepad stops at 1217 x 760. Just this value so unusual there is so lean towards a prototype not definitive, but that we’ll find out only in a few time.