Asus VivoWatch Windows Phone

VivoWatch Registration of the Mark Makes Alarm bells Ringing: is this the real smartwatch Windows we Expect?

The world of trademark and trade names sometimes plays tricks some companies, who see the name of your secret product is unveiled before its release. Something similar could have happened to Asus and Microsoft, as the recent registration of the mark VivoWatch suggests that both companies are working on the first smartwatch market with Windows.

Name registration was held on 29 January 2015, so it is still very recent. Moreover, if that were not enough, the Asus own VivoWatch displays the name in the database of customer service on its website. For those who do not know, Asus has used the Vivo brand in the PC and Windows tablet that manufactures, already well known their VivoTab Smart or VivoPC.

Thus it would make sense to name the first smartwatch with Windows as VivoWatch . But let diving in the registration document of the brand. As we read, it is associated with a “portable electronic device for use in exchanging data with an electronic personal organizer or mobile device.” In other words, a smartwatch with ability to synchronize with your smartphone or PC.

Continuing with the description, it seems that the device will be able to “receive and display data from a mobile device including text messages, emails, calendar alerts and alarms” and “monitors exercises that can be like a watch”. Lighten impossible, we have a new smart watch, but will it be the first to bring Windows?

The partnership between Microsoft and Asus in the manufacture of electronic devices is stronger than ever

Certainly, it would be strange that the only incursion of Microsoft in the world of wearables is your Microsoft Band and the company does not dare with a smart watch itself. Given that the partnership between Microsoft and Asus is stronger than ever, not be surprising that these were those in charge of making the first smartwatch with Windows.

As we read in Wareable, Huawei already has its first smartwatch on the market-the Huawei watch phone – and according to JIBIN123, CEO of the company has already announced that it will launch the second generation this year. Will we have a third operating system to fight and Android Wear Watch OS? What do you think?