ASUS Zenfone Deluxe 2 in Test

An extravagant look and huge memory make the Zenfone 2 Deluxe by ASUS one exceptional piece. How is the Smartphone in the test?

Who owns it, there will be need to here more often: the flashy shell of the Zenfone 2 Deluxe and its changeable shimmer – depending on the light – draw curious glances. You would like to know whether the many polygons are only printed or actually raised and tactile. The latter is the case, and that is really something special. Luxury in terms of noble materials such as metal or glass the Zenfone but not with 2 Deluxe.

Maximum memory

In addition to two SIM-cards courses (of which one is suitable only to make calls, not for data) is hidden under the pretty cover also the slot for a memory card. Negative, thus only cumbersome possible change affects the handling as the high weight of 178 grams. For this, the ASUS offers lots of storage: it brings 128 GB internal, again 128 GB can be converted by card – makes the bottom line 256 GB, which is enormous and is still rare for a Smartphone.

This also applies to the 4 gigabyte memory of Zenfone 2 Deluxe. They significantly increase the efficiency of Intel’s quad core chip and provide fleet loading times and low friction losses in the simultaneous use of multiple apps. The Zenfone however does not support a split – screen mode or floating app window for parallel processes 2 Deluxe. Also missing the current Android version 6 Marshmallow, instead 5.0 not even 2014 version is installed – with Android yet the first lollipop from the autumn update 5.1 from last spring.

Functional Zen UI

The ZenUI user interface is mainly functional: folder on request also in the app overview create order, sort of app icons you can do manually or time-saving way to let the system and rework. Tools for memory management and app – release unnecessarily blocked memory button or just not into load accordingly marked apps at startup.

The reduction of background activity improves the duration and improves system stability also usually. Include individual shortcuts in the lock screen, a children mode with selective app selection and time limit, and an also simple mode with large app icons and a clear arrangement, which is aimed at beginners and older semester include the possible interface customizations.

It is however questionable whether this target group, one can assume then also a similarly little understanding of technology, has use for large memory. And which influenced the pricing after all: Asus is 499 euros. Who buy a Smartphone at this price, should also like gadgets, such as ZenMotion find extended gesture control, already responded to the display in standby mode. You can activate it by tapping with the knuckles or the 13-megapixel camera also start directly by painting a C on the still black screen. Additional functions, that are fun, and we already know from the Asus Zenfone 2 (Test).

Good lab values

The two models are also similarly equipped. The current subject is again 5 mm wider than the simpler Zenfone 2 without the auspicious prefix with same display size and resolution. The connect lab attested to the Zenfone 2 Deluxe also a better talk time: growing superiority on less than an hour on the GSM 1800 frequency. The reception is neat, well in the more important UMTS and LTE networks in GSM mode. Especially the high storage volume, found only in top smartphones like the Galaxy S7 (Test), the Samsung again bought a micro-SD slot is interesting. Therefore, a more attractive candidate is 2 Deluxe the Zenfone not only visually.