Asus ZenWatch 2 Battery life

Asus CEO confirmed that the next generation of its smartwatch may be used for 7 days on a single charge

There is no doubt that the great course to improve by all manufacturers smartwatch is the battery life of their devices. Only some alternatives such as Pebble can boast of a battery reaches the weeklong, and it had to leave important elements along the way as a multi touch screen, multimedia content and more.

All those who have chosen the path of putting the power of a smartphone in your wrist found with the wall of autonomy, and yes, the Apple Watch also. However, recent statements by the CEO of Asus seem to show some light at the end of the tunnel, because without thinking twice said that the Asus ZenWatch 2 will offer one-week autonomy on a single charge:

The second generation smartwatch Asus seems that bet by delegating more functions on the smartphone, although paradoxically previous reports claimed thatthe device would be much more independent than the current version and would have 3G / 4G connectivity itself to reduce dependence on the smartphone. Where is the magic formula to get a clock features ZenWatch lasts a whole week? I honestly do not know, but we’re really intrigued.

The Asus ZenWatch 2 could delegate greater workload on the smartphone

Also, apparently Asus is also working on two additional wearables that would bet on the fitness band format and allow to measure different aspects of our health as glucose, heart rate, temperature, among others.

As we read in wearable not yet know when it might take place the presentation of the next Asus ZenWatch 2, although the MWC to be held in Barcelona next month and which will assist live to cover the event, it could be the right place. Certainly, we doubt that Asus has found the magic key battery, although we can not deny that we are excited to see what he can his next watch.