At Expo 2015 Wedding to Pamper our Skin Dres

The wedding dress does not have to be perfect and beautiful in order to bring out the most of our beauty and our femininity, giving us some wonderful photographs that show proudly to everyone. The wedding dress must also be comfortable, because we have to keep it on him for a whole day: sometimes the materials they are made ​​make us itch, maybe some parts are too narrow, others are uncomfortable … But as Expo 2015, on stage in Milan until 31 October, comes the wedding dress that you take care of our skin!

And ‘the work of the Italian designer Simone Marullo, who have long research new materials and new styles: YES Sposaitalia, for example, had presented a wedding dress to eat, decorated with popcorn in gold leaf. This time, however, her wedding dress is revolutionary because it is able to take care of the bride’s skin, moisturizing it, just wearing it.

The wedding dress is in fact made ​​from milk fiber, a material result of a long research and housed in a food waste, casein. Since this fiber is born before a yarn and then a fabric which he uses for the new models of the last Bridal Collection: clothes that, thanks to this yarn, and other natural fibers used, are able to be soft and to moisturize and perfuming Skin.

The yarn is environmentally friendly, but also women who will wear those clothes, because it is hypoallergenic, antibacterial, breathable and thermal regulating properties. In short, a cuddle to wear the most important day of our lives.