Audi Reveals Possible LG G Watch R’s Replacement

CES2015-at CES fair, there are also prototypes, as new products with this unknown LG G Watch.

At CES trade show this year, we find not only classic electronics products, but also the automotive industry will be with. This year there are more and more automotive products, which overlap into over electronics industry, as various nagivationssystemer talking together with Android or iOS.

But both BMW and Audi have shown that one can manage the expensive cars with a smartwatch. That goes a long time before that technology really comes into production, but Audi came perhaps to show a little too much new technology forward.

By Audi’s presentation of how to use smartphones and wearables, had one of the staff members a smartwatch at, which apparently was made by LG. It could well resemble G Watch R, but with aluminium edge.

There have been some rumors that LG will launch a G Watch R’s replacement in March when Mobile World Congress kicks off. However, the information has been very sparse, but down this LG watch with Audi, can it be we’ve got a glimpse of how R2 can come to look like.

What do you think, you hope this will be the final design of R2?